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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) Office of Analysis, Research, and Technology (ART) has launched Phase 3 of the Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) research project. This phase, a field operational test (FOT), involves the development of a pre-production WRI system to be tested on a large number or commercial vehicles (up to 1,000) in their normal operational environment. The system wirelessly gathers driver, vehicle, and carrier information along with driver and vehicle status as a commercial vehicle comes in proximity of a fixed or temporary inspection station. This information will be processed in real time within a government processing system an d shared with roadside enforcement. The inspection record will flag potential violations coming from the driver and vehicle status information. A wirelessly inspected vehicle will receive an in-cab notification as to whether or not to enter into an upcoming fixed inspection station.

WRI Evaluation Tool image

After many months of conducting pre-FOT testing, FMCSA has authorized the start of the year-long FOT. Mulitple carriers and three states (Tennessee, North Carolina and Mississippi) are participating in this FOT and ORNL anticipates others may join. See the Announcements web page for the list of carrier partners.

ORNL has developed an Evaluation Tool that will give an overview of the activity for WRI at a national level as well as for an individual state level for the participating states.

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Content last updated March 15, 2016

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