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Updated March 29, 2016

chat bubble image Status of WRI Testing Since the FMCSA launched Phase 3 of the Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) research project, the research has now entered into the full field operation testing (FOT). This phase includes testing of the pre-production WRI system on commercial vehicles in their normal operational environment.

  • On March 15, 2016, the WRI project entered into the full FOT. To date, 408 vehicles are enrolled in the FOT with the balance of the vehicles expected in the near-term.
  • The 50-truck pre-FOT was conducted January 16, 2016 through March 14, 2016 and was preceeded by a 5-truck pre-FOT during November 16, 2015 through January 15, 2016.

partnership image Status of Partnerships

State Partners

The FOT is actively engaged with inspection stations in three states. Inspectors receive (or already have received) training and once training is complete the inspection stations go live for WRI inspections. The three states participating in this research are:

  • Mississippi,
  • North Carolina, and
  • Tennessee

Fleet Partners

To date, the WRI FOT has six fleet partners participating in this research project. The partners are:

  • Sunway, a division of Trolleys Inc.
  • Lucas, Inc.
  • Twins Transport
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Elliott Trucking
  • MSJ2

WRI Briefing Presentation image

WRI-FOT Webinar Briefing The FMCSA National Training Center (NTC) hosted the first webinar of the Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) Field Operational Test (FOT) for the Comprehensive Stakeholders Group (CSG) March 20, 2014. The PowerPoint presentation is available for your information.

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